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Creating Confident, Happy, Resilient Kids

Is low self-confidence affecting your child?

Is it difficult for your child to have a go at new things?

Can your kid bounce-back easily when things get tough?

Does your child struggle with feeling shy, self-conscious and afraid to speak up?

Would it be of value to your child to build a firm trust in his or her abilities rather than suffer low self-belief?

If your kid knew how to trust him/herself fully, would that make a difference today, tomorrow and for your child’s future?

Confident Today – Resilient For Life

Hot Confidence for Kids is a fun program to give young people the tools they need to build confidence, happiness and resilience.

Hot Confidence for Kids After-School and Holiday Programs:

  • Focus on your child’s natural strengths
  • Educate through play, laughter and fun
  • Understand the unique learning style of every student
  • Engage participants in positive activities to encourage self-trust
  • Work preventatively so that your child has what he or she needs to be confident, happy and resilient today.

Hot Confidence for Kids is about giving your child joyful experiences in which he or she will learn how to:

  • Speak up
  • Value their opinion
  • Express how they feel
  • Trust them selves more
  • Bounce back when life gets tough

In today’s world, young people are exposed to so much more than the classroom and the schoolyard, aren’t they? Plus, there’s the world of Social Media for our children to manage. Bullying statistics have never been higher.

Recent research clearly shows what happens when children are not given the tools they need to thrive and be well and happy.

These essential skills are far from intuitive. The good news is that important tools for life can be taught to your child through creative inspiration and playful instruction.

Hot Confidence for Kids is about sharing strategies with kids for enjoying a happy, healthy life.

It’s about doing something proactive and positive to ensure your child has what he or she needs to have a solid space inside.

It’s about growing inner strength though fun.

It’s about finding out how to have a go.

It’s about giving your child proven ways to approach all situations in life and thrive.

All Hot Confidence for Kids life-tools are provided in fun-filled, playful, positive environment.

If your child is not taught how to build confidence, happiness and resilience…

Can you assume your child is immune to:

  • Being bullied?
  • Low self-esteem?
  • Feeling small inside?

Behind the News, ABC’s current affairs program for kids, surveyed 20,000 Australian children. Findings from the survey include:

1 in 5 children won’t talk about their problems.

A high proportion of children won’t talk to parents, teachers or carers because they:

  • Fear what others will think of them
  • Don’t feel their concerns will be taken seriously
  • Are unable to find the words to express what is going on for them

2 out of 3 kids experience bullying.

39% said it went on for a year or more.

“Bullying in the Australian Community is very high… It can have severe impacts on them in terms of self-confidence and self-esteem.”
– John Dalgleish of Kids Helpline.

Is this affecting your child?

Hot Confidence for Kids offers positive parenting strategies so that you can recognise the signs of bullying early.

Confident , happy kids are 95% less likely to be the target of bullies. Resilient Kids are better able to respond appropriately and bounce back.

33.3% of Australian Kids say they usually aren’t happy

“Kids are experiencing tough times in our community. That’s often not recognized, and the significance of their experience is not acknowledged.” – John Dalgliesh

There are so many more opportunities to be bullied. Today, more than ever before, there is an even greater need for communication skills and a solid core of self-confidence.

The tools and strategies to prevent and deal with anxiety, bullying, worry and low self-esteem are essential for every child. Alongside communication skills, social skills and a solid core of self-confidence.

Australian research reflects an escalating world wide problem: most young people lack the confidence, self belief and the resilience they need to be happy, healthy and to embrace the opportunities available to them.

Recent studies show a high proportion of young people struggle with:

  • Worry
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-worth
  • An inability to express themselves
  • A reluctance to talk to parents or teachers
    about their problems

This can result in depression, and a raft of mental health issues including self-harm.

You Can Prevent This Happening For Your Child

You can do something right now to prevent your child from joining these “confronting, sad and shocking” statistics.

If you’d like to avoid these serious outcomes for your child then take steps to enrol in a Hot Confidence for Kids Program. Life skills shared in a fun environment.

Hot Confidence for Kids is NOT

  • Therapy
  • Counseling
  • To be considered as an antidote to something “wrong”

Hot Confidence for Kids is fun …

Hot Confidence for Kids is … life-skills for every kid
Hot Confidence for Kids is … for those who are flourishing…
Hot Confidence for Kids is … for young people who are struggling…

Hot Confidence for Kids is  … for every kid who:

  • Dreams of happy friendships
  • Wants to believe in him or her-self
  • Deserves the tools to participate fully in life
  • Would like to learn the secret to having a courageous go
  • Values knowing how to feel good about him or herself
  • Needs to learn to express him or her-self more effectively
  • Must know how to get up again when he or she has made a mistake
    Hot Confidence for Kids helps your child to:

  1. Speak up and speak out
  2. Discover his or her strengths
  3. Construct a safe space within
  4. Determine their line in the sand
  5. Recognise, make and maintain healthy relationships
  6. Find the flexibility to meet and manage life’s challenges
  7. Develop the courage to be who they are, whatever they perceive other people may think

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Hot Confidence for Kids offers upbeat, fun programs for young people aged 7 – 12 years to develop:

  • Self-belief
  • Self-worth
  • Confidence
  • Social skills
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-expression
  • Communication skills

Comprehensive weekly after-school sessions and holiday programs are designed to encourage your child to thrive so that he or she can fully embrace life’s opportunities at home, at school and in the wider community.

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Isn’t it time to do something that may ensure your child’s happiness?

Every child has the right to know they are loved, respected, appreciated, valued, safe and secure and that his or her unique voice matters.

Confidence, self-belief and self-expression grow out of these fundamental requirements for happiness and resilience.

Hot Confidence for Kids will encourage and inspire your child to:

  • Discover how to bounce-back and recover when things are tough
  • Find a range of ways to express how he or she believes, feels and thinks without fear
  • Learn how to identify and value his or her own abilities, strengths, skills and talents
  • Develop a calm, comfortable, considered approach to standing up and speaking
  • Explore having a go at new things and taking responsibility in a creative, respectful, safe environment
  • Gain the essential tools, techniques and strategies he or she must have to develop a firm trust and solid sense of self that can be relied on for life

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Book your child in for a full year – or you can register on a term-by-term basis and add your Hot Confidence for Kids Holiday Programs to your calendar to suit you.

Participants are grouped according to school year level for after-school sessions.

Years 2 and 3 meet together
(1 hour + 15 minutes per session)

Years 4, 5 and 6 gather as one group
(1 hour + 45 minutes per session)

Light refreshments are provided before the program commences. All resources are supplied.

During school holiday programs, all years mingle as one group, dividing into age-appropriate sections when necessary.

Morning Tea, Lunch and an Afternoon Snack are provided, as well as all Resources.

You are your child’s key influence and role model.

You are welcome to:

  • Tap into Online Parents Resources
  • Attend Hot Confidence for Kids Parent Meet-Ups
  • Enrol in our Hot Confidence for Kids Parent Coaching Program

When you enroll your child in the Hot Confidence for Kids program you can access parent confidence-building resources to benefit you and your whole family.

There are 2 options for you:

Hot Confidence Connected for Parents and
Hot Confidence Basic for Parents

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Take full advantage of All of the Hot Confidence Resources online and offline so that you can best support your child by doing what it takes to keep informed and improve your self- worth, self -expression and self-belief.

Let your kid follow your lead in developing a firm faith in yourself and your abilities, whilst remaining open and flexible as you field life’s challenges and joys.

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Hot Confidence Connected For Parents:

Join Hot Confidence Connected by committing for the year or term-by-term.

You’ll receive:

  • Invitations to Monthly Meetings where you can connect with other Parents and with Hot Confidence facilitators. Ask your questions. Share your views. Get great parenting tips. Make friends.
  • Monthly tele classes on relevant topics. Join in the conversation live, or listen to the fully downloadable recordings when it suits you.
  • Full Access to the Parent Resource Portal packed with helpful advice in pdf., audio and video for you to enjoy at your leisure.
  • Invaluable laser Confidence Coaching sessions with an expert life coach to guide you in your own journey.

When you commit for a year, you can use your laser sessions whenever you like through the year.

If you commit for a term, you have one laser coaching session to use per term. Either parent or carer may use these sessions.

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The Hot Confidence Basic for Parents:

Enjoy full access to the Parent Resource Portal, where you can access a comprehensive range of information in pdf, video and audio form.

The Parent Resource Portal is a growing bank of valuable content to guide you to

  • Build your confidence
  • Give you great parenting ideas
  • Expand your range of positive parenting skills

To ensure that you can assist, champion and understand your child in his or her efforts to become more confident, happier and more resilient.

Join Hot Confidence Basic on an annual basis or term by term. Discounted rates apply* See Fee Schedule*

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Hot Confidence for Kids

Confident Today – Resilient for Life.

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